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Our Vision

The vision of Cedar & Burwell Strategic Consulting (CBSC) is an inclusive world where: diversity in all its forms is a defining strength; social and systemic injustices are continually confronted and dismantled; and our firm skillfully contributes to organizations creating and sustaining equitable cultures to develop the healthiest planet and populations possible.

Our Mission

At Cedar & Burwell Strategic Consulting (CBSC), we help our clients merge diversity and inclusion skills with organizational development theory and equip them with the tools to: dismantle systemic inefficiency and oppression; create and sustain inclusive and equitable cultures and organizations; and drive relentlessly toward excellence.

Meet Robert Greene

Cedar & Burwell

Founder & CEO

Robert Greene is the principal consultant and leadership coach with Cedar & Burwell Strategic Consulting (CBSC), specializing in culturally competent organizational development. CBSC’s mission is “to help leaders harness the synergy of diversity and inclusion skills and principles with the best of organizational development theory in order to dismantle systemic inefficiency and oppression; create and sustain inclusive cultures and organizations; and relentlessly drive organizational excellence and productivity.”

Robert’s work has typically focused on organizational development; culture change; diversity and inclusion planning and strategy; strategic planning and culturally competent leadership development with boards of trustees; senior executive/leadership team development; professional and leadership coaching; stages of team development in inclusive environments, cultural competency skill development, new employee onboarding and training, and systemic integration of diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency efforts across all phases of organizational culture.

Experience Unmatched

Robert has been a thought leader in schools, for-profits and non-profits for more than 25 years.




Robert has served successfully as a teacher and administrator in educational organizations, trustee and director for non-profit and social entrepreneurship agencies and consultant to corporate and civic organizations.

He also brings insightful thinking and consulting to issues ranging from strategic diversity and inclusion leadership, cultural competency skill integration, global education programming, wealth and social class disparities, and multicultural curriculum design to his current professional engagements.


Culturally Competent

Midwest by birth, southern by heritage, east coast by education, and west coast by adaptation.

Robert currently resides in San Francisco with his wife, a nationally-renown educator, and their two sons. He earned his Ed.M. in Administration, Planning, and Social Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and his B.A. in Economics, with a Political Science minor, from Brown University.

Among other interests, he has served on the board of directors of Willow Creek Academy Charter School (Sausalito Marin City School District – CA), the board of advisors for Sponsors for Educational Opportunity Scholars Program -San Francisco, the board of the Bay Area Discovery Museum, an advisor for The Seven Teepees Youth Program and remains civically engaged throughout the Bay Area, currently serving on the Board of Directors for OnePurpose Charter School (San Francisco Unified School District).

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