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Producing exponential results rooted in excellence

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Using custom tailored methods for all organizational roles

Development Driven

Leveraging differences to produce advantages

Committed to Breakthroughs

Our Mission is to help leaders harness the synergy and skills of diversity and inclusion.

We pair the top skills and principles of diversity & inclusion with the best of organizational development theory in order to dismantle systematic inefficiency and oppression; create and sustain inclusive cultures and organizations; and relentlessly drive organizational excellence and productivity.


Our Services

Everything that was warm and trusting and innovative and resilient about the years spent on Cedar & Burwell is brought to bear in our every client partnership and engagement.

Highlighted Services


Planning & Change

Cedar & Burwell provide expert services in the areas of Strategic Planning, Change Leadership and Change Management.


Leadership Development

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching (Heads of School Senior Administrators, CEO, Senior Executives, Trustees, and Directors).

Client/Partner Feedback

Robert Greene is the ideal mix of idealism and pragmatism, theory and practice, wisdom and compassion...

Dolly Chugh


Robert Greene has the ability to cultivate your leadership development while supporting the viability and sustainability of social justice

Christen Harrison


Culture Building

Cedar & Burwell provide expert services in the areas of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Cultural Competency Skill Development.

Curriculum Services

Cedar & Burwell provides expert services in the areas of Curriculum Design, Evaluation, Alignment and Implementation.

Climate Assessments

We provide expert Climate Assessments services for Understanding Current Culture and Defining Areas of Focus.

Notable Successful Engagements

We’ve partnered with countless educational, corporate and civic corporations and professionals throughout the nation. Here a just a few of the notable partners from the private, public and non-profit sectors of our industry.


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